Sunday, February 3, 2013


Winter is in full swing now, so I've got a desire to make a product reminiscent of summer. That is why today we will make fuchsia - an evergreen shrub.
We will need:
- seed beads #11 of burgundy and white colors for flowers;
- seed beads #8 of green color for leaves;
- wire 0.2 mm in diameter for flowers and 0.3 mm in diameter for leaves;
- aluminum or copper wire 1.5-2 mm in diameter for stems;
- green thread for winding the stems.

Earrings hearts in peyote stitch

We continue learning the new methods of beading. Today we turn our attention to the technique of peyote stitch. We've already got an idea of this technique, as you can remember we made the image of the Zodiac sign of Capricorn lately with it. But at that time we used a fishing line with a single needle, this way of peyote stitch is applied when a product contains an even number of beads in width. If the number of beads in the product's width is odd, the weaving should be conducted with the help of two needles. Using this technique, today we will make earrings shaped like hearts. In addition, in the process of beading we will consider some techniques which are used in the weaving of figurate mosaic products.

Beaded bracelet with hearts

With the approach of Valentine's Day I'd like to make a few products in the holiday theme. Let's start with a simple bracelet on the fishing line with a pattern of red hearts and yellow rhombs.

Little dog in the parallel weaving technique

Since our website is designed primarily for beginners, today we will make a simple product - a dog in the parallel weaving technique.

Keychain with Capricorn (Zodiac sign) in even count peyote stitch

Keychain in even count peyote stitch

Today we will learn a new beading technique, the peyote stitch. Using this technique, we will make a beaded fabric with a picture of Zodiac sign Capricorn.

We will need:
- size 8 seed beads of two colors (I used white and red);
- nylon fishing line (0.2 mm thick) and a beading needle;
- stiff wire 0.5 mm thick (a piece approx. 10 cm long or even shorter; I used an unbent paper clip).

Christmas ball ornament cover

Today we will make an original but easy Christmas ball ornament cover; we will cover a Christmas ball by a beaded net. With some experience this item can be made very quickly, just in one evening.