Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why I created this blog

Hello, readers of my blog!
My name is Julia and first of all I want to tell you why I created this blog. Today there is a lot of websites and blogs dedicated to beading and beaded products. But among a variety of information it is very difficult to find a site that describes beading basics for beginners in a simple language. Although any search engine gives hundreds of sites for the query "beading for beginners", the number of really useful ones for the beginner is very small. Novice in the world of beads can hardly understand and remember a lot of information - about the different types of beads, different techniques of weaving, it is difficult for him to understand products' schemes. But the desire for beading is big and you cannot wait! Because using beads you do not only learn the new skills, but you can also decorate your home or, for example, make a beautiful and very original gift that you can give to any person for any occasion. That is why for such newbies, as I myself was once, the information should be submitted simply and clearly enough to help them learn how to make beaded items without thinking of the complexities. Then I thought, 'I can create such a website myself!' And as a result here is this blog.
I will gradually post here the detailed beading lessons and in each lesson describe the procedure of making the one product. It seems to me that such a presentation of information will be the most useful for beginners in beadwork.
I also beg a pardon for my written skills as English is not my native language and I can make stupid mistakes :-)

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