Friday, March 28, 2014


Beaded Gerbera flowers

Today we will make a bouquet of Gerbera daisy flowers out of seed beads and wire.
We will need:
- size 11 seed beads; I made a flower for this tutorial out of seed beads of orange, yellow and green colors and also made a few gerberas of other colors;
- wire 0.3 mm thick;
- green thread for winding the stems.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pen decorated with seed beads in peyote stitch

Pen braided with seed beads in tubular peyote stitch

Today we will learn one more beading technique: a tubular peyote stitch. It is a kind of peyote stitch technique that was already used in our tutorials. Using this beading technique we will decorate a pen with seed bead.
We will need:
- a pen to be decorated; I used an ordinary gel pen with an outer diameter of 9 mm,
- Czech seed beads #10; I used seed beads of red and blue colors,
- nylon thread and a needle for beading.