Monday, February 16, 2015

Tiny purse

Tiny purse in the Right Angle Weave

We continue learning right-angle weave stitch. In the previous tutorials (you can find them here and here) we learned the basics of this stitch. Today we will make a beaded tiny purse using this technique.

We will need:
- beads of three colors (I used size 8 seed beads of green, yellow and yellowish-green colors);
- two round beads (I used 4 mm round beads of marine blue color);
- nylon fishing line and two beading needles (I used fishing line 0.3 mm in diameter).

For weaving use a nylon fishing line with needles at both its ends. The length of a line depends on your choice. I recommend to take a line of about 1 meter. As soon as it becomes too short you should fasten both its ends and cut them off. Then take a new line, weave it into the beadwork (just pass it through the needed bead) and then continue weaving using this new segment of line.

Start weaving. First, make a section of six 4-bead units. Then using this segment as the 1st row, weave a beaded fabric of 10 rows (i.e. a fabric of 6x10 4-bead units). Make it out of green seed beads.

Bend this fabric after the 4th and the 6th rows to get the base of the purse that contains its front and back parts (of 6x4 4-bead units each) and the bottom part (of 6x2 4-bead units).

Then, using seed beads of the same color, make the side parts of the purse, i.e. cover with beads the free sides in the space limited by the front, back and bottom parts. The width of the each side part is two 4-bead units. Start weaving from the bottom of the purse and make 3 rows upwards. Finish the weaving at the distance of one 4-bead unit from the top edge of the purse.

Do so at both sides of the purse.

Next, using 7 additional beads, connect together top edges of the purse. I used yellow seed beads. Let's name this connecting row as the top central row of the purse.

At the place where the each side part adjoins the top of the purse we can find a clearly distinguishable free space surrounded by five beads. To make this space less visible, pass the line through all these beads around, connecting them together. Do so at both sides of the purse.

After that take either line (if the lines are of different size at the moment, choose the shorter line) and pass it through the beads so that it comes out from the 3rd bead of the top central row.

String 2 round beads onto this line and pass it through the 3rd bead from the other side of the same row.

Next, pass this line backwards through both round beads

and then pass it further through the very first seed bead to which we have attached the round beads (from its reverse side).

We don't need this line anymore, so fix and trim it.

For further weaving use the other line. Now let’s make the handle. Pass this line through beads so that it comes out from the extreme bead of the top central row of the purse (at any side of the row).

String onto the line 3 yellow seed beads, then string 25 yellowish-green seed beads and again string 3 yellow seed beads. After that pass the line through the opposite extreme bead of the top central row.

Then string onto the line 2 yellow seed beads and, holding the last two yellow beads of the previous set, pass the line backwards through the next 27 beads of the previous set (i.e. besides the last two yellow beads miss the first two yellow beads of the previous set).

Next, string onto the line 2 more yellow seed beads and pass the line through the extreme bead of the top central row of the purse (in direction to the first beads of the handle).

Now fix and trim the line. The tiny purse is finished!

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