Sunday, December 16, 2012

Decorated Christmas tree

Decorated Christmas tree out of beads

The New Year and the Christmas are coming, so today we will make a Christmas tree decorated with Christmas balls and garland.

We will need:
- for Christmas tree:
- seed beads #8 of three colors: white, light green and dark green,
- wire 0.3 mm in diameter,
- for Christmas balls:
- round beads of different colors of 8 and 10 мм in diameter,
- seed beads of the same colors as of round beads or just of a white color; these beads should be a little bigger than a threading hole of the round beads (I used seed beads #10),
- bead caps,
- wire 0.2 mm in diameter,
- for garland:
- drop beads #8 of two bright colors (I used drop beads of blue and amber colors),
- wire 0.2 mm in diameter.

I made a Christmas tree using the tutorial that is placed here on our site. The only difference is that I took larger seed beads, so my tree is slightly larger than in that tutorial. Also for larger beads a longer wire is needed.
As a result, I got this Christmas Tree:

Next, make Christmas balls. For the each ball you will need a very short wire, but for your convenience take a wire of 10 cm minimum.
First, string onto the wire one seed bead and place it on the middle of the wire.

Then fold both ends of the wire together and string onto them one round bead and a bead cap, pointing its wide part to the round bead.

After that string one more seed bead onto any end of the wire

and pass the other end of the wire through this seed bead from the reverse side.

Tighten the wire - the ball is almost finished.

Now twist together both ends of the wire and cut them off, leaving a tip of about 1 cm.

Bend this wire tip like a hook that will be used for hanging the ball on the tree.
The Christmas ball is finished! Make a couple dozen of such balls to decorate the Christmas tree from top till bottom. In order to let your Christmas tree be more colorful you can use round beads of different sizes and colors.

Besides the balls I made a tree garland. To make it I used drop beads of two colors. These beads have a shape of a teardrop and an off-centre hole that is situated in the smaller, top part of the bead.

The garland is very simple. Take a wire of necessary length (I took a wire of 45 cm in length, but depending on the size of the tree a garland can be either shorter or longer) and first string onto it two beads of one color, then string two beads of the other color, next string two beads of the first color, then again two beads of the other color and so on.

Due to a special shape of these beads, they are contacted to each other by their smaller parts, and therefore they make up a toothed line with their wider parts aimed in opposite directions from the strand.

Keep on stringing beads onto the wire two by two till almost all the wire is filled with beads. Be sure that the first and the last couples of beads are of different colors. Then move all the beads close to each other and twist together both ends of the wire.

Cut off the excess wire, leaving only a small tip.

Bend this wire tip so that it would lie close to beads. Due to protruding beads this tip will be almost unseen.

The garland is finished!

Hang this garland on the Christmas tree and then decorate the tree with balls.
The decorated Christmas tree is finished!

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