Sunday, November 20, 2011


Beaded little angel

To make a very simple beaded figure of an angel we will need:
- size 8 seed beads of white color;
- size 10 seed beads of white and golden colors;
- one 6 mm round bead of white color;
- wire 0.2 mm thick.

Take a wire of 50 cm long. First, out of the larger white seed beads make the angel’s body in the parallel weaving technique (you can learn this technique in this detailed tutorial). Use the following pattern:
1st row: 6 seed beads;
2nd row: 5 seed beads;
3rd row: 4 seed beads;
4th row: 3 seed beads;
5th row: 2 seed beads;
6th row: 1 seed bead.

Next, make the angel’s arms. String onto either wire 8 smaller white seed beads and 1 golden seed bead.

Holding the golden seed bead, pass this wire backwards through all the white seed beads.

Tighten the wire - we’ve got the angel’s arm.

In the same way make another arm on the other wire.

Then twist together both wires 2-3 times.

Next, make the wings. String onto either wire 26 golden seed beads

and twist them into a loop that will make up a wing.

In the same way make another loop of 26 golden seed beads on the other wire.

Then twist together both wires 3-4 times.

After that string onto either wire a white round bead,

and cross the other wire through it.

Next, string 17 golden seed beads onto either wire

and pass this wire through the round bead from its reverse side, thus making a loop of golden seed beads around the bead.

Now twist together both wires

and trim them.

Finally, straighten the wings. A small beaded angel is finished!

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