Sunday, November 20, 2011


For making a beaded pine-tree we require the following materials:
- seed beads #11 of green color;
- wire 0.3 mm in diameter;
- brown thread for trunk winding.

To make a pine at first we need to make twigs with needles. Each twig we make in the following way: take a wire of 30 cm in length and string 8 beads onto it.

Place the beads on the wire so that one end of the wire would be 10 cm in length. Then, holding the extreme bead at the longer end of the wire, pass this (long) wire backwards through the other 7 beads.

Tighten the wire.

Then string 8 beads onto the longer end of the wire.

Once again, hold the last bead and pass this wire backwards through the other 7 beads.

Similarly make 3 more needles on the same end of the wire.

Twist together both ends of the wire – the twig is ready.

Then take a brown thread and wind it round the wire under the needles for the length of 2-3 cm. Such a winding imitates a bark.

To make a pine-tree we need many such twigs. For a small pine I made 122 pieces, but if you want to make a large pine you need to make much more twigs.

When we made all the twigs we need to collect them into branches.

Take 2 twigs and twist them together.

Then take one more twig and fasten it a bit lower the previous twigs.

In the same way continue fastening the twigs to the branch.

For the first branch we use 20 twigs. This branch will be the treetop.

Wind brown thread around the wire of the branch below the twigs for some distance. The treetop is ready.

The other branches are similar but consist of fewer twigs. Besides the treetop I made 2 branches out of 15 twigs each, 3 branches out of 10 twigs each, 6 branches out of 5 twigs each and 4 branches out of 3 twigs each.

Put the treetop away for a while. Out of all the others branches we should make big branches.

In all I made 5 big branches. They all are slightly different in size.

The wires of the branches should be winded by brown thread to the bottom.

At last, we have to assemble the tree.

Take the treetop and twist 2 other big branches to it . Use an extra piece of wire to fasten the elements to each other.

Wind brown thread around the trunk.

Next in the same way fasten the rest 3 big branches to the trunk and wind brown thread around the trunk till the bottom. Fix the thread by making a knot and trim the excess wires.

The beaded pine-tree is ready. Put it into a suitable pot or a stand.

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