Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chicken family

Chicken family beaded in the square stitch technique

Today we will learn how to make a mother hen for the young chicken that we made earlier.
To make this hen I used:
- Czech seed beads of #8 size of four colors: white, red, black and grey-pink;
- transparent pink sequins of 6 mm in diameter;
- wooden egg (you can also use a plastic egg);
- nylon line of 0.2 mm in diameter and a needle for beading.

To make a hen I used the pattern of a young chicken that is described in detail in our previous tutorial.

There are only a few basic differences between this hen and the previous chicken: I made the hen out of white seed beads (instead of yellow for the chicken) of a larger size (#8 instead of seed beads #11 for the chicken) and I took a wooden egg for the base of the hen’s body (instead of a rubber ball for the chicken). Besides that, this time I used a nylon line for weaving instead of a nylon thread for chicken (but you can choose any kind of thread you prefer to work with).

In fact, the technique of weaving the hen is no different from that of the chicken. All the parts of the hen: a comb, eyes, a beak, wings, a tail and shanks with toes - are made exactly in the same way as those of the chicken, even the quantity of beads in the each part is the same.

So, take a wooden or plastic egg

and cover it with white seed beads using the square stitch bead weaving technique (you can learn this technique in this tutorial).

Then out of red seed beads make a comb.

Next, out of red seed beads make a beak and out of sequins and black seed beads make eyes.

After that out of white seed beads make wings

and then make a tail.

Finish the weaving, making shanks with toes. I made them out of grey-pink seed beads but you may use just red seed beads.

Fasten the line - the beaded hen is finished!

Then I took a low basket, made an improvised nest and put this mother hen together with the young chicken into it. What a nice chicken family has turned out!

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