Thursday, November 5, 2015

‘Autumn colors’ earrings

‘Autumn colors’ beaded bracelet and earrings

Today we will make the ‘Autumn colors’ earrings which make up a set with the bracelet that we made earlier.
We will need:
- two 12 mm round beads of red color,
- size 8 Czech seed beads of orange color,
- size 10 Czech seed beads of yellow color,
- two ear wires,
- nylon fishing line 0.25 mm thick and one or two beading needles (depends on the stringing method you use for making CRAW).

The main element in the earrings is the same circular basic element as in the bracelet. Thus, to make the earring, at first make the same circular basic element with a large round bead in its center.

Then decorate this element with small yellow seed beads at both its sides.

After that find the seed bead that lies in the central outer circle of the basic element, on the line of the axis of the round bead, and pass the line through the beads so that it comes out from that seed bead.

Then string on the line one large round bead and an ear wire

and pass the line backwards through the large round bead and further from the reverse side through the orange seed bead from which the line comes out at the moment.

Now tighten the line, secure it and then trim the excess ends of the line.
One earring is completed.

In the same way make another earring.

Together with the bracelet that we made earlier these earrings make up a lovely beaded jewelry set!

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