Thursday, November 21, 2013


Beaded snowdrops

For making beaded snowdrops we need:
- size 10 seed beads of three colors: white, light green and dark green;
- wire 0.3 mm thick;
- green thread for winding the stems;
- a basket or a vase into which we’ll place the bouquet.

First, using seed beads of white and light green colors, make petals of flowers. Each flower consists of 3 petals. For the each petal take a wire of 40 cm long.

For the first petal use the parallel weaving technique and the following pattern:
1st row: 1 green bead;
2nd row: 2 green beads;
3rd row: string 1 white, 1 green and 1 white beads;
4th row: 5 white beads;
5th row: 6 white beads;
6th row: 7 white beads;
7th row: 7 white beads;
8th row: 6 white beads;
9th row: 5 white beads;
10th row: 4 white beads;
11th row: 3 white beads;
12th row: 2 green beads;
13th row: 2 green beads;
14th row: 1 green bead.

Do not twist together the ends of the wire at the moment.

The beginning of the other two petals in the flower is the same, but we make only the first 12 rows in the each petal. The rest rows in these petals we will add while plaiting the petals to the resulting bud.

Such a beading technique when petals are plaited to each other, we have already used before, for example, in tutorials of making a bellflower or a fuchsia.

Once we have made the 12th row in the second petal, start to plait this petal to the first one. To do this, pass one wire of the second petal between the 12th and the 13th rows of the first petal

and then make the 13th row of the second petal, consisting of 2 green beads.

After that again plait the wire of the second petal to the first petal, passing it between the 13th and the 14th rows of the first petal.

Now make the last row of the second petal; it consists of 1 green bead.

Next, take the third petal (with 12 rows in it so far) and plait this petal in the flower bud between the first and the second petals. Pass one wire of the third petal between the 12th and the 13th rows at a free side of the second petal

and the other wire of the third petal pass between the 12th and the 13th rows at a free side of the first petal.

Then make the 13th row of the third petal; it consists of 2 green beads.

After that once again plait the wires of the third petal to the adjacent petals, passing them between the 13th and the 14th rows of the each adjacent petal.

Next, make the last row of the third petal, consisting of 1 green bead.

Now we've got a bud, consisting of three petals. It is the basis of the flower.

Put this flower bud aside for a while and start making inner flower segments.

Take a wire of 30 cm long and string onto it beads in the following sequence: 5 white, 1 light green, 4 white. Place the set of beads on the middle of the wire.

Take the end of the wire from the side of 4 white beads and pass in the opposite direction through the extreme white bead at the other end of the wire.

Tighten the wire. We’ve got a loop of beads with a green bead at its top.

Then make another loop near the first one. String onto any end of the wire 5 white, 1 light green and 4 white beads

and pass this end of the wire backwards through the first of just added beads.

Move all the beads close to the first beaded loop and pull this end of the wire tight.

After that make the same loop at the other end of the wire. So we’ve got 3 beaded loops which are situated close to each other.

Bend the loops so that each loop touches the two others

and insert them into the center of the flower bud.

Then twist together all the wires under the bud.

Straighten the petals and raise them up, thus giving the specific shape to the flower bud.

Next, make leaves. For a single flower we should make two leaves, but if you make a bouquet, one leaf for a flower is enough.

Make leaves out of dark green beads using a wire of 70 cm long for the each one. As usual, use the technique of flat parallel weaving and follow the pattern:
1st row: 2 beads;
2nd row: 3 beads;
rows from 3rd to 32nd are identical: 4 beads;
33rd row: 3 beads;
34th row: 2 beads;
35th row: 1 bead.

Now assemble the flower. At first, take a green thread and wind it round the stem below the bud for the length of about 10 cm.

Then attach one or two leaves to the stem and continue winding the stem by a green thread for a while. Secure the thread by making a knot. One snowdrop flower is finished.

In the same way make all the other flowers for a bouquet. For my bouquet I made 5 flowers. To keep the bouquet from falling apart bind all the flowers together by a green thread at the bottom of the stems.

At last, trim the excess wires. The bouquet of snowdrops is finished!

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