Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beaded 3D heart in CRAW

Beaded 3D heart in CRAW

To make a heart in the beading technique of cubic right angle weave (CRAW) we will need:
- size 8 seed beads of red color,
- nylon fishing line 0.3 mm thick and one or two beading needles (depends on the stringing method you are going to use).

To weave the heart you can use any preferred CRAW method. For novice beaders I recommend to use a single thread stringing method because this method is more simple for understanding. Though as for me, I usually use a double thread stringing method of CRAW.

Start weaving and at first weave a CRAW rope of 7 cubes.

After that change the direction of weaving: choose a side 4-bead unit of the last cube as the bottom for the next cube

and then make 9 cubes.

Now change the direction of weaving one more time (turn in the opposite direction compared to the previous turn) and make only 1 cube.

The base weaving of CRAW is completed. Now bend the rope

so that both its ends are positioned close to each other.

Next, connect both ends of the rope together, using 4 additional beads (2 beads at the each side of the heart).

Place these additional beads so that together with the beads at both ends of the beaded rope they make up a ‘connecting’ cube. After that successively weave through all the beads in the new 4-bead units of the ‘connecting’ cube at the each of four sides of the rope.

Now secure and trim the excess line. The beaded heart is finished!

This beaded heart can be used in different ways: as a pendant, as a keychain (if you attach a ring or chain for keys to it) or even as earrings (if you make a pair and attach ear wires to them).

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  1. This heart tutorial is very clear and easy yo understand. Thank you!

    1. Dear Teri,
      Thank you for appreciation of my work. I will be very grateful if you share this tutorial (as well as the other tutorials that you like) with your friends on social networks.

  2. Many thanks. It's quite understanding but please can I get a video of this work?