Saturday, November 23, 2013


Beaded willow

For making a beaded weeping willow we need:
- size 11 seed beads of light-green color;
- wire 0.2 mm thick for basic weaving;
- aluminum or copper wire 1.5-2 mm thick for the base of branches and a trunk of the tree;
- grey-brown thread for winding the branches and the trunk;
- a pot into which we’ll place the tree.

At first we should make twigs with leaves. To make them use the beading technique that we used for making the twigs of a birch. For each willow twig take a wire of 70 cm in length and make on it 15 leaves of 14 light-green seed beads each.

As soon as you made a twig press the leaves slightly upward to the central axis of the twig, giving the twig a form of a spikelet. So the leaves will lie closer to each other.

For the whole tree I made 48 such twigs. The more twigs you do, the larger and the lusher your willow will be.

Start assembling the tree. First of all we should twist each four twigs together. So we get 12 larger twigs.

Then take 12 pieces of thick wire (I used pieces of a different length - from 12 to 25 cm) and using an additional piece of thin wire attach one twig to the tip of the each piece of thick wire.

Take a thread of grey-brown color and wind it round the wire under the twig for the half of its length.

So make 12 large twigs.

After that take 3 of these twigs of different length and collect them together so that their tops were placed at different levels. To attach these twigs to each other use an additional piece of thin wire. After that wind the wire under the twigs with a thread for some distance.

In this way out of 12 large twigs make 4 branches.

Next, collect all these branches together and wind them with a lot of thin wire to get a thick trunk of the tree.

After that wind a thread around the trunk at its full length.

Then take a pot, fill it with plasticine, place the tree into the pot and scatter seed beads on top of the plasticine.

Finally straighten the twigs - the willow tree is finished!

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