Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Earrings of beaded spiral rope

Earrings of beaded spiral rope

Today we will make beaded earrings, using the technique of weaving a spiral rope. This technique is well-known to us, because previously we have already repeatedly used it for weaving bracelets.
We will need:
- size 10 seed beads of two colors; I used seed beads of yellow and orange colors,
- two ear wires,
- nylon thread and a beading needle.
Take a nylon thread about 100 cm long with a needle at one of its ends.

Step 1:
String onto the thread 4 yellow and 3 orange beads. Place the set of beads about 15 cm from the free end of the thread.

Pass the needle through all the yellow beads starting from the free end of the thread.

Tighten the thread. Make sure that the free end of the thread remains of at least 15 cm long.

Step 2:
String onto the thread 1 yellow and 3 orange beads.

Pass the needle through the last 4 yellow beads from the free end of the thread.

Tighten the thread. The last set of orange beads has lain above the previous orange beads, with a slight offset forward.

Then repeat Step 2 as many times as it is necessary. Gradually the beaded rope begins to twist itself into a spiral. It is very important to tighten the thread after the each step, otherwise the weaving will not be tight and the earring will not keep the round shape.

You should keep on weaving while the orange beads make 5 spiral turns around the rope. I repeated Step 2 twenty eight times (so there are 30 segments of orange beads in my rope).

Now we should attach an ear wire and connect the ends of the spiral rope together.
Put an ear wire onto the thread

and pass the needle through several yellow beads that stand in a row at the beginning of the spiral rope.

Tighten the thread - the spiral rope took the form of a circle.

Now secure the ends of the thread. First secure the working end of the thread. Tie a knot around threads between beads, then for a better safety pass this end of the thread through several beads and then trim it.
After that thread a needle on the starting tail of the thread. Then pass it through the ear wire, further through several yellow beads at the other end of the spiral rope and then fix this end of the thread the same way as the other end of the thread.

So make two earrings to get a set of earrings.

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